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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Memo for myself

Regarding tons of news in digital gadget world, - to make myself clear, I'd like to leave a memo what's I'm interested in.

1. Phone (Not Smart)
Tons of information are available in the internet about Smart Phone, but I prefer to use feature phone (Galapagos Keitai, in Japanese) for talking. In this area, my eyes on new handset "SOCIUS" from Willcom - this can be used as handset for smart phone through Bluetooth interface as well as this itself is independent mobile phone.

2. Smart Phone
As a sales representative myself, I tend to be in tokyo urban area or other cities in Japan - during my daytime in week day. Smart phone will be used for e-mail cheking and task management in the first place. For this purpose, IS11T (REGZA Phone) with QWERTY keyboard can be great. And I'm also looking at Motorola Photon - with WiMAX network interface.

3. Tablet
10 inches Tablet is not mobile category I think - since it is designed to use in house. I bought Motorola Xoom TBi11M and have been satisfied with it as PC sub. It has been sat in the next of my PC and display my new e-mail coming in and schedule. However, it became old. Today, Toshiba REGZA AT700 is much more sexy and SONY Tablet S as well.
7 inches tablet category is hot today. I bought SHARP GARAPAGOS A01SH which is Japan domestic model. I'm satisfied with it. Good for mobile computing. Still, Toshiba REGZA AT3S0 seems better than this, and different concept but SONY Tablet P also.

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